How to Choose An Electric Cruiser Bike

First of all, it’s important to consider which of the bikes is right for your specific needs.

Just as it is with the normal bikes, e-bikes are made for different terrains and purposes. We have e-bikes for mountains, e-bikes for commuting, and e-bikes for cruising (leisure). So, with such a wide range of electric bikes, it’s critically important that choose the type of e-bike that best fits your purpose.

Let’s consider what to look out for when buying an electric cruiser bike.

What are E-cruiser bikes?

Just as the name suggests, electric cruiser bikes are made for comfort and style. Unlike other types, they have big and comfortable seats, some are even made for different gender. Also, these bikes are easy and simple to control, especially due to their wide tires and upstanding seats, the bike is beginner-friendly. For cruiser e-bikes, you might need a bike that can last for like an hour or two. For those that even have kids, they might want one with a child seat where they can keep their child when they go out for a ride. If this is what you want, here are some factors you need to consider when buying the bike.

  1. Wheel size

Medium or large wheels are suitable for cruiser e-bikes, they will permit the fewer moving of the pedal for coverage of distance. It will even for better if you have a route dedicated to bikes so you don’t come in contact with pedestrians and cars while riding.

  1. Sufficient battery

You would not like to have a flat battery while you are out on a ride with your child. This is why you need to consider the battery life of the bike. It is advised that you select the one with a range of about 25-50km per charge. If you go for a bigger battery, the bike becomes heavier, moreover, you will have top-up points all around the city.

  1. Comfortable seat

They are called cruiser e-bikes which means having a comfortable seat is crucial. This will help give the ride a smooth and pleasant one. The seat must be soft, should incase the seat is not, you can, of course, have the seat changed.

  1. Mounting Child seat and basket

Taking your child for a ride is usually fun, especially with an e-bike. In case the child is not of age to own his/her own bike, having a child seat will be the best option. Mind you, not all the bikes are designed with this, which is why you should ask before buying your bike. Also, bikes do have extra space for shopping bags. Maybe after your cruising, you decide to buy something, this space will be good to help keep your goods in. before buying your bike, don’t forget to ask if the bike is equipped with it, or you can buy and install it as an accessory.

One major pitfall that comes with choosing an e-bike is that the majority of the manufacturers portray performances that are not real. Which is why it is important that you always try out various models before buying one.

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